Brain Injury Awareness Month 2018


March is Brain Injury Awareness Month! There are several different things that you can do to help spread awareness and advocacy about brain injuries! Below are ideas on how you can help us spread awareness throughout March, and throughout the year!


We would love for you to share how you helped spread awareness during March. Share your pictures, plans, or ideas on our Facebook or Twitter pages!



Become a Leader in your Community



Talk with community leaders (legislators, local politicians, etc.) – schedule a meeting to tell your story or write an email/letter to share your experiences on how their decisions affect you. Here are some tips for connecting with advocates in your community.

Educate yourself on brain injury-related legislation – policy change is one major way we can make a difference in the lives of people living with brain injury and their families. Click here for NC bill information & tracking.

Reach out to your community – address inclusion or cultural barriers, speak with others in the community at groups or events to increase awareness. Here are some resources to learn more about brain injury:


Hold a mask display in the community – Unmasking Brain Injury is an awareness project throughout NC and the US. For more information about the project and getting masks in your community, visit this website.

Learn the facts and share information – educate yourself on brain injury facts and use social media or flyers for the community at your local businesses and information boards. BIAA has some materials here to get you started!

Host an event – Local businesses, bookstores, restaurants often reserve time and space for members of the public to share or create awareness on a topic. Let BIANC know your plans so that we can help spread the word!


Start, join, or help grow a local support group – support groups are safe spaces located throughout NC to share your story and connect with others also affected by brain injury. Find your local support group here!

Create a fundraising campaign – Supporting a cause that is important to you can be rewarding and easier than ever through social media or funding websites to make a difference. Donate to the Brain Injury Association of NC here!


BIANC has great events coming up, head over to our Events Page to learn more.