2013 Memorials

In Memory of Robert McKerrell Marshall III

Join his family in making a donation to the BIANC in his memory. Click here to learn more about him. The Brain Injury Association of NC appreciates these donations and sends our sympathy to the family.

  • Margaret DeVine
  • Bob and Glady Marshall
  • Virginia Vogel
  • John and Lynda McConnell

In Memory of Brian Preston

  • Tommy and Kathy Thompson
  • Carla Marshburn

In Memory of Cary Lee “Tom” Harris

  • Jerry Henderson
  • Scott and Mona McConnaughey
  • Haithcock, Barfield, Hulse & Kinsey, PLLC
  • Baker Pipe & Parts
  • David Forsythe
  • Pat Nunn Interiors
  • Thomas and Catherine Howell
  • Janice White
  • Rick and Sandra Mileski
  • Carol Ornitz
  • George and Becky Lowery
  • Deborah Woody
  • Will and Sherry Rogers

In Memory of Jack Pickens Jr (Butch)

  • Wendell Patterson
  • Constance Cline

In Memory of Jonathan Hasse

  • Lockheed Martin Corporation

In memory of Judy Bulla

  • Melvin Amos
  • Gifts Like Nothing Else, LLC
  • William Thrower
  • James and Anne Hart
  • Evelyn Teague
  • Michael and Stephanie Brooks
  • Katherine Staley

In memory of Patrick Swetland

  • Sydney Spann
  • Anita Morrill
  • Barry Westmoreland
  • Beverly and Charles Briedis
  • Sandra Schultz
  • Tania Wells
  • Ralph Willoughby
  • David and Susan Decker
  • Kristin McGowan
  • Melissa and Joel Eckhause
  • Joe Gonsowski
  • John Moloney
  • Gary and Donna Willoughby
  • Thorsten Blumenschein
  • Carla Marshburn
  • Janine Webb
  • Xinqun Gui
  • Howard and Nancy Macaluso
  • Jim and Liz Gehringer
  • Karl and Carol Reichardt

In Memory of Reginald Bizzell

  • Jon and Melissa Lewis
  • Pamela Dale
  • Cy Alexander
  • American Material Company
  • Ronnie Wrenn
  • Merri Morgan

In Memory of Logan Straud

  • Logan Stroud Foundation