The staff at the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina are dedicated to the mission of providing help, hope, and a voice for individuals living with brain injury.  They are available to provide resources, information, and training opportunities.

daniel 400

Daniel Pietrzak

Executive Director

Daniel started his tenure as the new Executive Director at the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina in 2019. Daniel comes to the organization with a 17 year career in nonprofit management and resource development having most recently worked for Boys & Girls Clubs. His number one goal is to make sure those in the Brain Injury Community have the support and resources they need. 

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Susan Baker, AA, CBIS

Financial Coordinator

Susan has been with the Association since 2017. She is the Finance Director and is tasked with handling all accounting information for the association, in addition to maintaining the budget. Susan works closely with DHHS, ensuring that the budget aligns correctly with state contracts. Susan loves working at the Brain Injury Association of NC because of the cause. Having a member of her family who sustained a brain injury in 1994, Susan has a great interest in helping within the brain injury community.

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Kitty Barringer, CBIS

Outreach Coordinator

Kitty volunteered for BIANC when the association was newly formed. She became the Outreach Coordinator for the BIANC Triad Regional office in 2008. She provides training and support for people with brain injuries and their families in her area. Kitty feels that providing resources and information about brain injury is key for patient and families prior to discharge from an in-patient brain injury unit. Kitty values BIANC because it provides a map for navigating through the world of brain injury.

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Lauren Costello, MS, CRC, CBIST

Statewide Training Coordinator

Lauren has been the Statewide NC Training Coordinator for BIANC since 2016. Her duties include developing online modules and webinars and creation of BIANC publications, educational materials and specialized trainings.  "Everyday is a new day to help people struggling to find resources or access knowledge about brain injury." Lauren often sees that individuals living with brain injury, families, and providers, feel alone or like there is no where to turn after the initial diagnosis or hospital stay. "It is a privilege to find new ways of reaching out to people or organizations in hopes to reduce stigma while promoting their community involvement and the empowerment of those affected by brain injury statewide."

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Susan Fewell, MS, CBIST

Outreach and Training

Susan has a Master's degree and has been with the Association since 2004. She provides outreach to the military and to families in the Central and Eastern region and is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS) Trainer. "I value BIANC because I get to meet awesome people with brain injuries and their families and help train the professionals who serve them."

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Karen Keating, CBIS

Community Development Coordinator

Karen has been with the Association since 2006. Her experience started when her son had a TBI from a car crash and her passion for this population has grown She is BIANC Resource Coordinator for Western Region, and provides outreach and training. Karen helps to coordinate the annual BIANC Professional Conference. "I work at BIANC because I enjoy helping and giving back. I hope to make a difference by helping to raise awareness sin my community as well as advocating or what is needed."

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Sandy Pendergraft, MS, CBIS

Neuro Resource Facilitator

Sandy has been with the Association since 2016 as Neuro Resource Facilitator (NRF). She works through a collaborative process involving individuals with brain injury and their personal support systems to increase the independence and quality of life of individuals living with brain injuries. Sandy helps to coordinate the annual BIANC Family Conference. "I enjoy working at the Brain Injury Association of NC because it is an organization that truly cares about individuals living with brain injury. The staff go above and beyond to ensure that individuals living with brain injury, their family members, caregivers, and the professionals who serve them are informed regarding training opportunities and community events, and have access to available resources."

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Sandie Worthington, CBIS

Community Outreach Coordinator

Sandie is BIANC's Community Outreach Coordinator in the Eastern Region. She has been part of the Association since 2009. She provides education, including the CIT team trainings, sports safety, and other trainings to meet the needs of her community. She is an advocate for people with brain injury and has served as BIANC camp director. "I value BIANC because working here allows me to contribute to improving the lives of people living with a brain injury and their families."


Beth Overby

Resource Call Center Coordinator

Beth is the Resource Call Center Coordinator for The Brain Injury Association of NC. She holds a BS in Business with a specialization in Health Care management in addition to NC Licensure as a holistic bodywork therapist. She holds a seat on the Brain Injury Alliance Council as a family representative and also volunteers on the public policy committee. She feels working for The Brain Injury Association of NC in the capacity of Resource Call Center Coordinator is a true honor because she knows firsthand how challenging it can be to navigate a complex healthcare system and the positive impact of having guidance, resources and education can have on those facing a difficult road. Being “a soft place to land and an understanding ear” for those affected by Brain Injury is what propels her interest in working for such a strong and focused nonprofit such as The Brain Injury Association of NC.