Advocacy is the act of supporting or presenting reason for a cause and can be done by or for someone. Changes in the way a person communicates, processes, or remembers information after brain injury can make advocacy difficult. Advocacy looks different for every person and ranges from brain injury funds and services as a whole to day-to-day asking for needs or acceptance into particular services. Below are some ideas and suggestions for how you can advocate and get involved in advocacy efforts with the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina.

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Current NC Priorities

These are the current priorities that NC has put in place for the House and Senate to recognize Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors and their need in the community.

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Resources and Links

Click here for more information and assistance

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National Advocacy

Learn more about what needs we are advocating for the Brain Injury Community

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BIANC Briefing and Policy

Stay up to date with legislation laws and bills that will impact your community.

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