National Advocacy

The following are needs we advocated for in 2021.


1. Please ask for an increased funding of $19M to fully fund the Health and Human
Services’ Administration for Community Living (ACL) Federal TBI State Partnership
Program so all states can receive an ACL TBI State Grant.
(The ACL TBI State Grant Program is currently funded at $11.321M which funds several
states. Currently North Carolina receives an ACL Grant of $200,000).


2. Please ask for $5M for the CDC to establish a national concussion surveillance system.
(We need national uniform data. This program was authorized by the TBI Program
Reauthorization Act of 2018).


3. Please ask for increased funding for the Department of Defense (DOD) to identify and care for wounded warriors with TBI and psychological health issues and to improve research in these critical areas.

(TBI continues to be the significant injury among our
nation’s service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. More than 400,000+
troops have been diagnosed with mild TBI since 2000. NC is the 4 th largest military

To Learn more about what BIANC is doing to support the community. Please visit the Brain Injury Association of America:

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Ask your Members of Congress to join the Congressional Brain Injury Task Force.

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