GiveToGrow Annual Campaign

Join. Build. Thrive

Help us reach our goals
The Brain Injury Association's campaign of GiveToGrow is all about giving more to the brain injury community:
Give more resources
Give more support
Give more screenings
Give more trainings
Give more long term care
Give more to research
So what are we able to give with all of this?
1.) Support groups: 100 groups, 100 counties. With what we are able to bring in with this campaign, will aid us in the process for establishing relationships, fostering them, and sustaining and nurturing the group to make it a consistent safe space for the community.
2.) Professional Speaker Series: This is an opportunity to bring Professional Members into the experience. With Speaker Series, this allows us to bring high quality professionals to survivors, caregivers and other like-minded individuals. Offering spots at our Conferences, forums, and being Members.
3.) Outreach: Expanding our reach across the state comes with an exciting challenge to create an experience for survivors and caretakers alike with our annual camp. This will allow us to create something that for years to come, members of the community look forward to.
With your support, we will be able to achieve these as an organization.
We would like to thank you in advance for your support.