A Gift of Hope. A Gift of Community.

The first step in connecting to services, reducing isolation, and impacting all the lives of individuals changed by brain injury is to educate, advocate, and get involved. By contributing your gift to the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina, you are helping to fund innovative training, community engagement, wellness opportunities, resource guidance, service advocacy, and prevention services. We are grateful that we can count on your generous gift today.

A Quick Look:

  • Every 23 seconds, one person in the U.S. sustains a traumatic brain injury (TBI), commonly caused by falls, motor vehicle/pedestrian collisions, assault/violence, or more.
  • Strokes, aneurysms, tumors, lack of oxygen (anoxia), and overdoses can cause a non-traumatic brain injury.
  • Individuals with acquired brain injury often experience a traumatic event that can lead to lifelong challenges.
  • Not only is the individual impacted by brain injury, but the family, friends, and community as a whole.
  • It takes a supportive network of help, hope, and services to reduce stigma, promote advocacy, and facilitate empowerment.

Ways to Give

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Other giving:
• State employees can donate through the Combined Campaign (SECC ID #1849)
• Giving Tuesday (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving every year)
• Designating us for your AmazonSmile
• Host a Fundraiser