Establishing Your Own Path


Hi, my name is Jordan Slade. I am a TBI and 2 stroke survivor. I'd like to tell you a little about my story and what having a brain injury means to me. Now, I'd like for you to keep in your forethought, that every brain injury is acquired differently as well as the recovery process. With that kept in mind, here is a small segment about my struggling never-ending journey with my recovery.


October 28th, 2017, I was in a horrific unexpected accident on my route to work at 7am. In hopes of continuing to provide for my wife and four children. When all of the sudden, moments before the interstate ramp, one of my tires exploded. Causing me to lose control and crash into a mailbox on the right side of the road and veered into the left lane, going off the left side of the road. Which lead to my vehicle colliding with a property marker (4ft telephone poll), a telephone poll, three trees and finally stopping in the Livingroom of a vacant house. There I sat for three and a half hours unconscious and unaware of the traumatic event that had just taken place. What made the situation worse, none of my airbags had deployed and my seat belt never locked, to restrain my body. All of this caused my brain so much damage, I had two strokes as well.


Upon awakening from my drug induced coma ordered by 4 different neurosurgeons, I was left completely unaware of the extensive traumatic event that I had just survived. Thankfully, I had my very courageous and relentless wife with me every step of the way. It’s very important to have a support system but it is NOT necessary for your immanent survival. I had realized after a few months, just how lucky I was to have survived this accident. Also, bound with the extreme determination to help any and all people. My hopes of recovery were set very high in the sense I would be able to advocate for my fellow survivor. Even though the medical outlook seemed very gloomy.


I had told to myself from the beginning, " You have survived what most human beings die from." I also said to myself, " With my faith in God, I will accomplish what I seek to do!"  Well, here I am, 2years into my journey of recovery, which doctors said 60% was the best I would be able to do. I have accomplished, establishing a very concrete relationship with a NC Senator, becoming a Public Speaker for BIANC, helping raise awareness for Brain Injury via WRAL news station as well as attending Legislative day with BIANC, taking over the Triangle Brain Injury Support Group and starting a nonprofit Organization focused on helping individuals whom experience a traumatic event and fall out of reach for Federal and State assistance. This is just the beginning of my recovery. Now, this has NOT been easy by any means. You have to fight everyday even when you feel like there is nothing to fight for. The point I am making, " No matter how difficult the path to recovery may seem. There is HOPE, there is HELP." Just be open and willing to accept whatever comes to you. An accomplish it with everything you have left.


In closing, I hope that the insight I offer here for you, will truly inspire you, not to follow my path, but establishing your own path and however that may look to you.

Good luck and God Bless


Written by:

Jordan Slade