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This section gives information and updates on pending legislation, policies, and state and federal partners related to brain injury services and prevention.  Click here to learn more.

Technology is an amazing tool to connect people throughout the state and world. Learn how to follow us on our social media and email newsletter.

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Click here to learn more and become a member of Brain Injury Association of North Carolina.  As a member, you will receive various benefits such as discounted event registrations and access to our publications on brain injury.

This project is one of advocacy and awareness about brain injury state and nationwide. Masks go from blank white canvases to beautiful and powerful works of art. Each one represents a story, a journey, and an individual living after brain injury. Click here to learn about the project and how you can get involved.

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Unmasking Brain Injury

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Click here to come alongside Brain Injury Association of North Carolina staff & activities as a volunteer.  Options for how to get involved include legislative advocacy, event planning, fundraising, or serving as support group leader.

Click here to donate to the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina.  Your tax-deductible donations will help us continue our work of offering help, hope, and a voice for people with brain injury and their families.