The Brain Injury Association of North Carolina provides meaningful activities during the day to North Carolinians living with brain injury.

Those who attend will have the opportunity to participate in courses to engage their brains and bodies. 

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Mending to Music: Music Therapy

MedRhythms Therapy is a comprehensive neuro-rehab company that provides neurologic music therapy specializing in the use of music to induce brain plasticity and aid in neuro-recovery. The company focuses on this intersection between music, neuroscience, and technology, providing interventions to achieve optimum outcomes in sensorimotor, speech & language, and cognitive goals in patients. For more information:


Mending to Music: Music Therapy

Mondays at 1-2pm


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Moving Forward: Adaptive Exercise

Staying Driven is a live, interactive, online based experience. Fitness with YOU in mind!  Our vision is to create an affordable avenue that allows individuals to enjoy fitness from the comfort of their own homes. Our program is unique in the way we choose to cater to the specific needs of the adaptive and aging population. Our program merges top notch coaching with a supportive community to help everyday people achieve a greater fitness potential. This educational, interactive experience is available to the public regardless of age, location, abilities, or skill level.


Moving Forward: Adaptive Exercise

Tuesdays at 1-2pm

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Brain Aerobics 

Each class will begin with a discussion on needs and goals and Carly will provide activities to increase language and cognitive skills based on those goals. 

Brain Aerobics

Wednesdays 2-3 p

Carly Dixon combines her years of experience working with stroke/TBI patients, as a life coach and as a counselor with extensive study on neuroplasticity to offer hope and change.  Brain Aerobics will be be addressing cognitive and language goals.

Have questions or are concerned about following the sign up process? We understand that some individuals living with brain injury can get overwhelmed with all the questions.

We're happy to help either walk you through it, answer questions, or fill out the form over the phone with your information. Call (919) 833-9634 or email to schedule an assistance session.