New Online Support Group

Looking to connect with others but have trouble with transportation? Large crowds? Coordinating schedules?

The Brain Injury Association of North Carolina is aware that sometimes the traditional support group setting has some barriers for people to get access to, despite the mental and physical health benefits in addition to connecting to resources.

In response, we are launching a new support group to access online through our Facebook Page. Join today!

How does it work?

Follow the link or find the group via our Facebook Page. Ask permission to join the group - you will be asked a few questions and within a week will be accepted into the group. The goal is to create an open space for individuals, family members, and support group leaders to connect with one another. Once accepted, you will be able to:

Ask questions to get the answer to start a discussion on a topic that interests you related to brain injury

Write what is on your mind, what brings you to the group, or something that is personal to you related to yours or your loved one's brain injury

Offer encouragement, share what you have learned, or how you would like to help others

Ready to check it out?

Become a support group member today!