The Brain Injury Association of North Carolina (BIANC) Camp is an opportunity to connect, create, and relax. Are you ready to get involved in the great outdoors with activities and people that have also had a brain injury?

Individuals living with Brain Injury, Caregivers/Family Members, and Volunteers are all welcome to join us for a weekend of events for individuals to dance, try activities like fishing/canoeing, horseback riding, artwork, team-building activities, and fellowship with others.

Canoeing & Fishing

Music & Dancing

Arts & Crafts

Horseback Riding

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Dates & Schedule

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BIANC Camp is located at Camp Carefree. The location is accessible to individuals with disabilities. The campground has accommodations for campers, counselors and medical personnel, and offers the recreational and craft activities of a traditional camping program.


$35 / Person

  • Campers, caregivers/family members, and volunteers
  • Includes meals from Friday night through Sunday Morning
  • Activities such as fishing, canoeing, drawing, arts, horseback riding, dancing, and more!
  • A weekend of a lifetime with individuals from all areas of the state

More Information to Come