Education about brain injury can be the first step to awareness, advocacy, and empowerment. The Brain Injury Association of North Carolina provide programs for groups, agencies, and civic groups on many different aspects of brain injury. Each person with a brain injury is unique and has the potential to make improvements with appropriate and timely services. We want to help you better serve, and care for, people with brain injuries. Opportunities for training include:

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Online Learning

Brain Injury Association of North Carolina hosts eight free online courses that include certificates to meet your training needs.

Our quarterly webinar series will feature a variety of topics presented by speakers from different backgrounds.

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The Brain Injury Association of North Carolina hosts two conferences each year tailored for individuals living with brain injury, their families, and professionals. Click below for dates, registration and more!

Gaining knowledge about brain injuries through programs like Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS) and Brain Injury Fundamentals is of paramount importance. These programs offer specialized training for healthcare professionals, equipping them with the expertise needed to provide tailored care for individuals with brain injuries, thereby improving patient outcomes.

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Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS) Training

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Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training

The Brain Injury Association of North Carolina offers in-person brain injury information at Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training to law enforcement and emergency responders throughout the state of North Carolina.

In-person or virtual training to groups to discuss brain injury, groups vulnerable to injury, screening, strategies, and more is available! BIANC has developed interactive activities to help professionals understand the nature of brain injury and the changes that can make interacting different.

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In-Service Training

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Falls Aware after Brain Injury

Falls Aware after Brain Injury

Falls are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury in the US and those living with brain injury are more at risk for falls. Learn how you can be more Falls Aware!

Have questions about brain injury or the changes that happen after? At the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina, we are here for you and open to any questions you might have. Send us your questions - no question too small. If we don't know the answer, we'll find someone who does! We'll go live and answer the questions (anonymously)  once a month! You are not alone after brain injury, and we are here to help.
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Making Connections Podcast

Join us as The Brain Injury Association of NC sits down with Brain Injury advocates to discuss a variety of topics surrounding life after brain injury. The more we understand the different aspects of services and effects of brain injury, the better we can help make connections within our community for individuals living with brain injury. This is…. Making Connections.