Falls Aware is an education initiative for the Brain Injury Association of NC to increase awareness and prevention of falls in the brain injury and greater disability community. Preventing falls doesn't mean to stop everything you are doing - it's about being aware that they can happen at any time and acknowledging if you can make some simple changes to reduce your risk.

After a brain injury, there are specific changes that puts someone at a greater risk for falls. As someone ages, their risk for falls increases even further. Together, our brain injury community must come together as individuals, survivors, caregivers, families, professionals, etc. working to create a safe environment from falls - the leading cause of traumatic brain injury (or TBI) in the US and NC.

This year's Falls Awareness theme is "Invest in your Tomorrow." There are things you can do today to help live longer, happier, healthier, and more independently. We hope to reach all individuals, including individuals living with brain injury and other disabilities, to help them live the lives they wish to live and help reach their goals with as few obstacles as possible.

Join us on September 22nd, 2021 to celebrate life, learn more, and increase safety and awareness throughout North Carolina.

September 22nd 2021

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