The Brain Injury Association of North Carolina wants you to be able to learn about brain injury and advocate for yourself or others. Below are free handouts available to download on a variety of different TBI-related topics.

NEW! Brain Injury Care Binder

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Brain Injury Care Binder

This new resource is a hopeful solution to the difficulty in organizing paperwork and having a one-stop-shop for one's care needs. All you need is a binder and a 3 hole punch, maybe some page protectors. Other than that you can download and print whichever pages you'd need. When we are organized, we can better advocate for the care we need.

NEW! Toolkits


Taking on Independence Toolkit

This new resource is a step in helping the daily needs of individuals living with brain injury. Divided into 4 sections, this toolkit is helpful throughout the rehabilitation process after a brain injury. Templates for checklists, questions, schedules, health check-ins, medication lists, and more are available to use for caregivers, individuals living with brain injury, and professionals. We hope that these supports can allow individuals with brain injury to govern their own lives with the tools to achieve their goals more independently.


Brain Injury Acronym Toolkit

This new resource is a great find for advocates for those looking to be more involved in the their care. It's often that professionals start talking with acronyms and confusing words that those outside the brain injury service system may not be used to hearing every day. We hope this guide helps you to navigate services easier and to engage in community councils/committee to communicate your needs.

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Working Toward a Thriving Day Residential Toolkit

This new resource is a step in supporting residential services for people with brain injury. It includes strategies for daily living, a brain injury friendly space, schedule suggestions, and monitoring. Pages can be used by professionals and printed for individuals living with brain injury to review & discuss how it may impact them. A safe and healthy environment can lend to improvement and growth after brain injury.


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Hope & Healing after Brain Injury Guide


Referral & Specialist Guide


NEW! 2023 Hope & Healing after Brain Injury Guide


NEW! 2023 Channeling Change Adapting Guide

Downloadable Handouts

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NEW! Sexual Disinhibited Behavior


NEW! Concussion & Mental Health


NEW! Court Adaptations


NEW! Non-Traumatic Brain Injury

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Brain Injury & Strategies


Brain Injury Association of North Carolina

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Crisis Management & BI


Concussion & Education Resources (BIAC)

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Falls & Brain Injury

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Interacting with Patients

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Relaxation & Brain Injury

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Suicide & Brain Injury


TBI & Veterans Booklet

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TBI & the Millitary

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Spanish Materials

Downloadable Materials: Brain Injury & Violence - From Silence to Resilence


Invisible Injuries & Violence Fact Sheet


Invisible Injuries & Violence Advocate Guide

Downloadable Activities & Interactions

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Falls Safety Games


First Responders Communication Board


Heads Up Strategy Cards PDF


Cognitive Brain Games


Kid's Concusson Flashcards


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Brain Injury Screening


2023 NC Brain Injury Screening Solutions