Due to Covid restrictions, Brain Injury Support Groups may not be currently meeting in person. Please contact the leader of any group that you are interested in below.

BIANC Charter groups are defined as small groups, focused on brain injury statewide or geographically organized, comfortable, safe environments where peer groups gather on a regular basis to:

• Discuss what is important to them at all stages of life
• Share resources and ways to live with vitality and knowledge
• Provide support and encouragement for each other

If you need more information, please check the Group Manual or reach out to Susan Fewell

Why Attend a Support Group?

The purpose of a support group is to learn more about brain injury and available services by meeting with others who are facing or have faced similar challenges. The essential elements of a support group are:

  • Gather information for navigating the difficult path of rehabilitation after a brain injury
  • Share common needs and strengths
  • Provide a place to socialize, meet new friends and find new connections in the community
  • Provide a safe place to receive/provide emotional support, find courage, and take risks
  • Provide an environment where positive and negative views can be expressed without being judged

Find Your Support Group

Start a support group!

If you do not find a support group in your area, please download and print this form, or you can do it electronically here! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to