Note:  Due to Covid restrictions, Brain Injury Support Groups may not be currently meeting in person. Please contact the leader of any group that you are interested in below.


What is a Support Group?

Brain Injury Charter Support Groups are a vital part of recovery when it comes to a survivor's success. However, support groups are not always only for the survivor, plenty of support groups bring understanding and knowledge to those around the survivor. Sharing these moments and listening to others share their experience can bring great peace to each person that is involved. Our goal is to provide a safe space with like minded individuals with shared experiences that continue to act as a bridge between medical and emotional needs for survivors, care-givers and professionals. Giving each person a platform to receive information and share what they have learned.

Why Attend a Support Group?

The purpose of a support group is to learn more about brain injury and available services by meeting with others who are facing or have faced similar challenges. The essential elements of a support group are:

  • Gather information for navigating the difficult path of rehabilitation after a brain injury
  • Share common needs and strengths
  • Provide a place to socialize, meet new friends and find new connections in the community
  • Provide a safe place to receive/provide emotional support, find courage, and take risks
  • Provide an environment where positive and negative views can be expressed without being judged

Start a support group!

If you do not find a support group in your area, contact us at to learn about resources in your area, or fill out our charter group application to create a BIANC Charter Support Group.

If you need further assistance, please call us at 919-833-9634

  • BIANC - Charter Support Group Manual
  • Mental Health America Support Group Facilitation Guide